Executive advisory

While the data-driven transformation is challenging, you don't have to do it alone. To achieve your objectives as a data leader, you will benefit from external and objective feedback on your work.

Strategic coaching is useful for Chief Data / Analytics Officers, Head of Data Science / AI and other any other executives. The support provided is customized, based on your specific needs.

Topics include data strategy review, support in managing data teams, community building and stakeholder management among others.

Data science use cases

The main reason for low data maturity and unsuccessful AI projects in companies is related to the gap between data specialists and business stakeholders.

Translating business needs into data projects useful for the company is key to accelerate your data-driven transformation.

Business ideas are identified and translated into data initiatives using tailored processes and canvas. Use case definition and prioritization are provided.

Training & workshops

There is an enormous hype around AI and Machine Learning, which make these concepts sounds like magic​. Managers need to become data literate to lead data teams and initiatives. Employees will become data ambassadors.

Developing a data culture is necessary for your company to become competitive in the context of the data-driven transformation. Leading change is key to your success.

Trainings are customized to your needs (online/onsite, concepts/hands-on, duration, audience, etc.). Specific workshops and team building sessions are possible.

AI maturity assessment

One can only improve what one measures. Understanding the current state of the company in terms of Data & AI is crucial. 

The AI maturity assessment offers a view of the company's current situation. It provides a snapshot of AI maturity across various dimensions, including people, culture, data, and more. 

An existing AI maturity assessment framework is customized to meet your specific needs. Interviews are conducted to gather feedback. The analysis and key results are then shared, along with recommendations for advancing to the next level.

Acting team leadership

In the current environment of uncertainty and frequent changes, positive leadership is essential to maintain a safe and productive mindset among employees. 

The need to find the right fit for new team leaders creates situations where acting team leaders are necessary to manage transitions efficiently. 

Acting team leadership is proposed to facilitate internal changes, departures, and other kinds of transitions. Various models are available, including part-time and remote options.